TRX Krzysztof Kryński
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phone +48 22 871 33 33
fax +48 22 871 57 30

VATIN: PL 524-100-94-13
REGON: 014497521

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TRX company is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions intended for recording calls from phones and two-way radios. Our call recorders are fully professional products, designed to meet the highest demands of today’s

call recording systems

. The ability to ensure integrity of recorded calls allows you to use the KSRC series recorders as evidence material in legal proceedings.

We offer the following products: along with the to handle and management our products.

TRX products have been developed to full alignment with your requirements for high reliability and user-friendly equipment. Many basic functions of our recorders, including channels monitoring and playback the recordings are available both from the local menu as well as using the TCP/IP network and dedicated Konsola 2 software.

Our Development Team focuses on quality and reliability while emphasizing intuitive simplicity newly introduced features.
Recorders operating system based on Linux kernel is installed on a dedicated FLASH drive, the removable hard disk or RAID array is intended exclusively for the storage of recorded calls. In this embodiment a HDD failure does not cause immobilization device at all. Replacing the hard disk drive causes that calls will be still recording. The design of HDD enclosure does not require recorder to open the case. After installing a new disk the operating system automatically prepare a new medium to work.

Our experience and understanding of customer needs allows the development of proposals for pre-emptive competitive solutions.

We have made more than 4,500 installations in Poland and abroad. TRX recorders ae installed in Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Asia (Mongolia).



Introduction call recording with Kenwood NEXEDGE radio communication system by means of CTI integration.

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Implementing secure calls recording in Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment.

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Introduction RAID 1 software array and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring functionalities.


Implementing VoIP call recording ability, support for open and proprietary protocols:

  • Aastra
  • Alcatel
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Ericsson
  • Panasonic
  • Siemens
  • SIP (wersja 2.0)
  • H.323

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Integration for TRX recorders and PBX/IPBX systems using CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) interface:

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We provide You with the results of the data safety audit conducted by NASK. The object of the examination had been KSRC 5128 call recorder.

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